Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year, New Goals!

Welcome 2011!
2010 was a year of big changes for me, including some big challenges.
I am stronger for it but I will say, that I am definitely looking forward
to a new year and the positives that come from the challenges we face.
I didn't make a list of New Year's Resolutions
because usually within a few days they are forgotten
and life continues on as it was.

I did however, set some goals for 2011.

1. Decide which direction my life will go and make a plan to achieve it.
2. Read more.
3. Blog more and learn more about creating my own blog backgrounds, developing my blog to include more tutorials, free pattens and increase my followers.
4. Be a guest blogger on other blog sites and
invite other bloggers to be a guest with me.
5. Design at least one Block of the Month pattern and publish it.
6. Create individual pattern designs and publish them.
7. Offer my designs for sale on the internet by setting up "shop on-line".
8. Make at least one quilt to donate to charity.
9. Spend more "girl time" with Em
10. Walk Kadie at least 5 days per week no matter how cold or hot it gets.
11. Be the strength and support that my family members
are going to need this year.
12. Quilt and knit as much as possible! (My favorite goal!)

I hope that you have a healthy, safe and creative New Year!
Thanks for visiting my blog and come back often. :-)

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