Thursday, January 13, 2011

Butterfly Kisses

The Niagara Falls Quilt Guild "Rainbow Country Quilters"
asked me to design a block for February for their Block of the Month.
It was to have a Valentine theme and finish 12"x 12".
Here's what I came up with...
I hope that they like it!
Now they have my wheels turning and I'm on a roll....
Watch for a new BOM in the spring at Kindred Spirits!


  1. So lovely and adorable butterflies, this can also be used as butterfly bedroom stickers.

  2. Nancy

    Tomorrow I am going to post another list of blogs about Valentine quilt ideas. You're on the list again.

    I would like your permission to use your Butterfly Kisses block as the feature graphic for that post.

  3. I love these! thanks for sharing,Amy

  4. I loved your heart mini at the store, (gonna Make sure I buy that pattern) but these guys are amazing. I look forward to the BOM at the store as well....good for you!