Monday, March 8, 2010

New Pattern Coming Soon!

For those of you that loved this little guy, you'll want to see what I'm working on now.
I'll give you a hint...
The spring version features one of our favorite furry friends that visits this time of year!
" Happy Spring" should be done in the next day or so.... Make sure that you check back to see it!
The patterns will be available at Kindred Spirits Quilt co. when the doors open on March 18th!
Oh, and Happy Spring!


  1. Ohhh he makes me feel cold...he has warmer friends lol...till then madame samm

  2. Keep designing, Nancy!! I am looking forward to taking your classes in the new store!!

  3. Hi Nancy, I was in quilters World blog... I noted that not many ON. shops are on there. Michelle has a huge following for ON., perhaps something to consider for many to drop in the new store...which I am excited for..
    blessings ms