Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Design coming soon....

"When You Were Born..."
A work in progress...but you get to have a sneak peak!

Isn't this just adorable!
This new collection from Moda called Lilly and Will by
Bunny Hill Designs just arrived at Kindred Spirits Quilt Co.

My mind started working right away and
two new designs have come of that brain wave....
Here is a sneak preview of the baby quilt. The poem is lovely.....
Check back soon to see the completed quilt!
I hope to complete it this weekend
and then I just have to beg Jane of Jane's in Stitches
to quilt it for me....

Bunnies are so comforting...
These little guys will comfort the little one that receives this quilt!


  1. Love it and of course I would be so happy to Quilt for you.

  2. Very pretty so far, I will check back to see it finished,Amy

  3. Love the bunny. The fabrics are beautiful - great colours. And love the tea towels and the leprechaun and well, everything else you've posted here...beautiful creations...